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Year End Letter

I am very pleased and honored to be the president of SDH. As 2008 and our first months of operation come to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous contributions to this worthy cause and provide you and our other donors and board members with a year-end report of our activities.

I have been involved with nursing home dentistry since I joined Dr. Schuman in 1995. Very few seniors have dental insurance, and we have seen our senior patients struggle to make ends meet more and more each subsequent year. Dentistry is not covered by Medicare or Veterans benefits unless the patient is 100% disabled. No group of seniors has more difficulty or is more deserving of our help than our veterans. Dr. Schuman is able to donate or discount his services, but we can only keep dentists working in our facilities if they get paid. Dr. Seth Wasson, who has been an associate of Dr. Schuman for over four years, is serving this group.

Since the final quarter of the year when SDH began providing services, we
have helped more than 60 veterans with over 180 treatments covering the entire scope of general dentistry. We look forward to helping others in need for many years to come.

Cindy M. O'Neill
Senior Dental Healthcare

Senior Dental Healthcare
658 N. New Ballas
St. Louis, MO 63141
(314) 432-1444

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