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I hope that I can express on paper the gratitude and gift that I received in the form of Dental Care. I am a disabled veteran of the 1/17 CAV 82 ABN Div of the United States Army, and Dental Care is not provided for soldiers disabled less than 100%. I am sure that they (other Vets) are so thankful for your support and don't know the words to say thank's.

-Don B.

Dear Dr. Schuman and donor(s) to Senior Dental Healthcare;

As a school nurse I am fully aware of the importance of dental care in all age groups. Knowing how hard quality care is to obtain in many groups, I have been thankful for Dr. Schuman's excellent care of my mother, [Helen]. I appreciate that he is always willing to make room to see her when needed and she has always been very happy with the work he has done.

I was overwhelmed when I recently received the call from his office letting me know a special donor had made a gift that would fully pay for 2 dental crowns for my mother, who is...a WWII US Army veteran. The bill for these crowns would have made a considerable dent in her savings and having that extra cushion still available is greatly appreciated.

...The veterans of this country have sacrificed a great deal to keep this country safe and have largely been a forgotten portion of our population. It is wonderful that Dr. Schuman has been there to provide safe, convenient, quality care to this population. This family and all the families he serves truly appreciate him and the donors of Senior Dental Healthcare.

Once again on behalf of [Helen] and her family, thank you for the care and for the gift of these services.


Helen L.
Marilyn H. and the

Senior Dental Healthcare
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