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Patient Profiles

Ed W., a diesel mechanic and farmer from Weingarten, Missouri joined the service as an infantry man in 1941. He was a combat soldier in the European theater fighting many battles including the Battle of The Bulge. His numerous decorations speak more eloquently of his service than he does as his memories of that terrible time are filled with the horrors he suffered and witnessed.

Don B. was a paratrooper with the 1/17 CAV 82 ABN division of the US Army. He severely injured his back rendering him nearly 100% disabled.

James C.
is a veteran of the USAF. He served as a Medical Service Specialist from 1981 – 1984 in the Gulf War. He is currently unemployed and living in a veterans shelter and since he did not serve a 20 year tour, his dental care is not covered by the VA. He called us in desperate need of care and we were proud to be able to help him.

Helen L.
is a WWII US Army Veteran. Her daughter writes “We truly appreciate Dr. Wasson's safe, convenient, quality care and are grateful to the wonderful donors who have made this possible.”


Senior Dental Healthcare
658 N. New Ballas
St. Louis, MO 63141
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