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In 1987 Dr. Ethan J. Schuman recognized the need for dental care for the institutionalized elderly. With each passing year the number of full denture wearers decreases due to a host of factors such as better dental home care, fluoridation of the water supply and improved dental technology. In other words members of our society as a whole are keeping some or all of their teeth throughout life.

The unrecognized result of that positive milestone is that the natural teeth and gums of the elderly need to be maintained by periodic cleanings and occasional restoration even more than the general population. Their teeth are more worn, damaged and neglected. The result of ignoring dental problems in the elderly can spell not only lost teeth, pain and infection but can even prove fatal.

The practice of modern dentistry is very equipment intensive. X-ray facilities, compressed air, a vacuum system and of course steam sterilization are all dental and legal necessities, not luxuries.

Realizing lives and quality of life are at stake, Dr. Schuman purchased the equipment necessary to build a dental office within a nursing home. Since then he and his associates have installed many other similar offices and treated thousands of patients.

A sad and unanticipated consequence of rising healthcare and nursing home costs and Medicaid cutbacks is that many residents find themselves having outlived their financial resources. Medicare does not cover any dental expenses.

The most needy group of institutionalized elderly is our U.S. Veterans. In addition to being aged, they are often war wounded, poor and abandoned by their families.  It is specifically this group that SDH has targeted for care. We are very proud that we are able to provide much needed dental care to needy Veterans. For most of these Vets, SDH is providing them the best dental care they have ever received. While these heroes were serving their country and their families, their personal well-being was often overlooked and neglected. It is a particular honor to be able to provide dental care to the ever dwindling numbers of WW II Vets. One of our great privileges is being able to hear the the heroic experiences of so many of our Vets and witness their humility.

Thanks to generous donors the funding of this nonprofit organization can provide a full basket of dental benefits to those in need.

Senior Dental Healthcare
658 N. New Ballas Rd.
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